You have the opportunity to say what kind of Serbia want to live in after 2015. Get involved in the national consultation process and fill out the form on the following web-site:   

"When I try to explain to someone what a think tank organization is in Serbia, my answer is SeCons – a group of professionals, trained in activist spirit, driven by the belief in a socially just society with a rule of law and institutions." - Raša Nedeljkov USAID/ISC

The main aim of the project «Open Parliament» is to increase the transparency of parliamentary work in Serbia with the goal to contribute to better informed and more active citizens in the democratic process. The web-site has been developed in order to monitor MPs work.

For the project "Platform for employment of people with disabilities" of Forum for Youth with Disabilities, SeConS is conducting a survey in order to assess the current employment status of people with disabilities. The main goal of the project is to contribute to the development of employement and employment rights of people with disabilities.

The Toolkit for gender mainstreaming at the local level is currently in development for the project „Strenthening civil society for the promotion of gender mainstreaming at the local level in the Western Balkans“.

SeConS experts have developed the Program for employment of women from rural areas in Montenegro (2013-2016) for the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in Montenegro.

SeConS experts have developed the Strategy for improvement of the economic status of women in rural areas in Vojvodina (2012-2016) for the Secretariat for Labor, Employment and Gender Equality of Vojvodina.



  • Informal practices of capturing economic resources by political elites: exploring party patronage in Kosovo and Serbia

    This project is part of the Regional Research Promotion  Programme (RRPP) in the Western Balkans. The RRPP is run by the University of Fribourg upon mandate of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs.


  • Employment Support Programme for Roma

    The project Technical Support for Roma Inclusion, funded by the European Union and implemented by the OSCE Mission in Serbia, supports the implementation of the National strategy for improvement of the status of Roma in Serbia in the following areas: housing, education, employment, access to rights, citizen participation and improving Roma inclusion by establishing mobile teams.


  • Economic impact of social enterprises

    The aim is to provide policy-makers and relevant stakeholders for credible, comparable and systematic information and indicators on the role of the social enterprises in national economies and to offer usable and practical information to stakeholders for their decision making.


  • Cross-border citizens' network for peace, inter-communal reconciliation & human security

    The main goal of this cross-border initiative is to strengthen sustainable transnational civic networks as empowered actors for peace, reconciliation and human security at local, country and regional levels.



  • Human Security - Two human security case studies in Serbia


  • Analysis and road map for adequate and accessible minimum income schemes in Serbia.


  • Culture and Development - The Post-2015 National Consultations in Serbia