Open Parliament

Open Parliament

June 2012 - May 2014

Topics: Rule of law.
Programmes: Research.

The “Open Parliament” initiative was launched by civil society organizations in 2012 to increase the transparency of the Serbian National Assembly and include the public in monitoring the activities of their selected representatives. SeCons involved in the initiative as a research organization which can provide valid and reasonable arguments to advocate for changes in the Parliament’s work.

The initiative focuses on collecting, analysing and publishing of all relevant information on the Parliament’s work and MPs’ activities on the website The website has become an important source of information for the media, civil society, academic community, and for the citizens as well. The site provides parliamentary transcripts from all plenary sessions from 1997 to the present, adopted laws, voting records, MPs’ biographies, and video stories and surveys on various aspects of the work of National Assembly and MPs that should serve as a basis for improving parliamentary procedures.

The publication “Toward Open Parliament” was developed based on the research which focused on the oversight role of the Serbian National assembly. This publication covered three research areas: “How does Parliament control the executive power?“, “Women in Parliament – a quota or real impact” and „Open Government in Serbia – an initial overview according to the Open Government Partnership framework“.

These studies are an attempt to educate the public on the important characteristics of the Parliament’s work, to timely inform on developments in the Assembly and encourage the public’s involvement in various initiatives and decision-making processes.