Promotion of Debate on Social Inclusion in Serbia

The project was implemented by a consortium of local institutions and organizations as part of the EU Program for Employment and Social Solidarity (PROGRESS). The goal of this project was to initiate and promote a debate on social inclusion in Serbia, and to improve the existing inadequate knowledge of national and local actors about Open Method of Coordination in the area of social inclusion.

SeConS conducted a survey on the situation regarding social inclusion in Serbia. Based on the results of the survey, social policy models in EU and Serbia were compared. Opinions and level of knowledge of decision makers on EU goals and priorities in this area were studied.

Findings were presented in a Study aimed at various audiences: the professional community, political decision makers and representatives from relevant state, provincial and local institutions, civil society organizations, as well as the general public. The Study is an opportunity for the local public to learn about social inclusion policy in the EU and its role in distinct transformation processes of member states, as well as achievements and challenges for improving social inclusion in Serbia, in the context of the EU accession process. In addition, the Study has the potential for being a tool for advocacy for decision makers at all levels of government in the process of drafting laws in the area of social inclusion.