This Report is a result of the empiric research “Through activation to inclusion in employment – support to young people with disabilities”, conducted in the territory of the City of Belgrade. The aim of the Report was to contribute to the process of employment of young people with disabilities by establishing a sustainable mechanism of information, activation, informal education and work integration, in cooperation with relevant actors from all sectors.

Research showed that young people with disabilities in Belgrade are somewhat better educated, compared to the total population of young people with disabilities in Serbia who is active on the labour market, while employers have learned more about the possibilities to engage people with disabilities and became more tolerant, since the adoption of the Law on Professional Rehabilitation and Employment of People with Disabilities.

Despite that, research findings revealed that young people with disabilities in Belgrade most often do jobs below their qualifications, employers frequently assign them a reduced workload and less demanding tasks, and a majority of them has temporary jobs, short-term jobs , mostly within public works or some project-based activities.