Ten years after the implementation of the baseline study on Women’s Entrepreneurship, the SeConS Development Initiative Group, with the support of UN Women, is conducting a new study to assess the current position of women entrepreneurs in Serbia and assess the impact of policies, strategies, initiatives and individual programs implemented by the Government of Serbia.

The main goal of the project is to conduct an analysis of women’s entrepreneurship, a situational analysis, as well as a gender analysis of policies and measures in this field. Based on the results of the study, SeConS will formulate recommendations for the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Serbia, which will be specifically aimed at improving the position of women entrepreneurs in Serbia through the development and adoption of appropriate policies and programs.

SeConS took particular care to ensure that the findings of this study were, to the extent possible, comparable to the findings of the Baseline Study, conducted in 2012, also with the support of UN Women.

The project implementation process includes implementation of various research methods and consists of four stages: development of a comprehensive analytical framework; desk research; analyses of women’s entrepreneurship; analyses of measures to support women’s entrepreneurship.