SeConS is particularly focused on working with young talented researchers. Through its internship professional development and volunteering program, SeConS aspires to assist young postgraduate students and PhD candidates in gaining practical competences and experiences. The program also has a positive impact on the position of young people in the labor market and increases their chances of getting their first job. The program provides an opportunity for employment within the organization itself, by accepting those who are more likely to fit into the working environment easily and efficiently, develop their communication and organization abilities, learn to investigate social phenomena in an interesting and innovative way, and gain basic understanding of the project cycle.

  • Mastering various documentation and survey methods, with monitoring and support provided by mentors;
  • Personal development, acquiring new knowledge and skills to augment academic education, understanding the team work process;
  • Additional training through various educational programs pertaining to surveys, practical knowledge and communication skills, office functioning, business correspondence, event management, etc.;
  • Expanding the network of contacts which may be important for professional development;
  • Active participation in promoting social values and good practices, and personally contributing to promotion of inclusive development in Serbia.
  • Providing assistance for project coordinators in implementing project activities (desk analyses, data collection, translation, etc.);
  • Working with internal and external databases, development of tools, preparing transcripts:
  • Participating in SeConS promotional campaigns (assisting with event management, conferences, social network activity, etc.)
  • Collecting information for creating new projects (attending conferences and other public events, researching specific social issues and areas of interest for the inclusive development process in Serbia);
  • Attending and actively participating in SeConS educational workshops to acquire new skills and competences;
  • Initiating own project ideas or activities and implementing them, monitored by SeConS mentors.
  • Anyone who agrees with the goals and mission of our organization and is interested in participating in various types of social surveys in a civil society organization may join our team and program.
  • To apply for participation in the program, please send your CV and a covering letter to with the subject “Internship Application”.
  • These documents are necessary in order for us to have a better understanding of the skills, knowledge and interests of potential program participants. An interview will subsequently be arranged.
  • The call for application for participating in our internship, professional development and volunteering program is open year round.