Gender perspective on development and gender inequalities as one of the key forms of social inequalities are priority areas of SeConS work. Our researches show that full development of the society is possible only if potentials of all people, men and women are employed. On the other hand social development is much more than economic growth and includes just distribution of gains and wealth and equal wellbeing for all people, men and women, boys and girls. SeConS has conducted numerous research in the area of gender equality. Researches are sometimes focused on certain aspects of gender equality, such as economic, gender based violence, care economy in the household, or norms and values. Sometimes, they shed light on the specific positions of certain groups in population, such as entrepreneurs, youth, rural population, or some vulnerable groups, like in case of rural women in the status of family helpers, women from refugee or displaced population, Roma women, victims of violence or women who live with drug users. Our work in the area of gender equality includes also analyses and evaluation of gender equality policies, as well as building capacities of various actors for more competent, evidence based and effective gender mainstreaming at different levels of governance. Below you can browse our projects dealing with gender equality whether through research, policy analyses, capacity building or monitoring and evaluation of gender equality policies.