Program Capacity Building and Trainings has a significant place in the work of the organization. Usually, it is part of wider initiatives and represents a summarized form of findings and an accumulation of knowledge and skills that have been presented in an easy and accessible manner. The materials and training concepts are, thus, developed in accordance with the participants’ needs.The transfer of knowledge and capacity building to different actors by the SeConS team is therefore a contribution to the development of society both in Serbia and within the region.The experience element, which is acquired in the implementation of research is modified in the trainings, which should enable easier use of data in the drafting of policy papers, analysis, measures, strategies, project proposals and newspaper articles. SeConS members’ expertise is presented through these specialized trainings that relate specifically to the understanding of concepts and regulations of social inclusion and the position of vulnerable groups, respectively. SeConS promotes the strengthening of capacities through various educational formats: trainings, mentoring support programs, online courses, toolkits and cycles practices for young researchers.