The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on various aspects of life around the world, and young people represent a category that has been particularly affected by measures introduced to prevent the spread of the virus and by the long-term consequences of the pandemic that are yet to be felt. Therefore, for the needs of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, as part of the project “Implementation of the Information System for Prevention of Peer Violence – Phase 2,” the SeConS – Development Initiative Group, in collaboration with the Women’s Support Center Kikinda, conducted a study on the impact of the pandemic on young people in Serbia, which is presented in this publication.

The publication provides insight into the effects and changes on numerous aspects of the position and living conditions of youth under the influence of the pandemic, primarily on education and training, employment and working conditions, well-being and mental health, human rights, as well as exposure to discrimination and violence. Additionally, it includes recommendations that should enable young people to better and less painfully adapt to the new social, economic, and political changes, with the aim of preserving the quality of life.

This publication is available only in Serbian language.