SeConS – Development Initiative Group in period April-June 2020, conducted analysis of employment and working conditions of women and men who were employed in the month before the pandemic was declared, based on the data from a survey of the impact of the pandemic on employment in Serbia. The analysis was conducted in partnership with UN Women and part of the Key Steps to Gender Equality project implemented by UN Women with the financial support of the European Commission (EC).

Main goal of this analysis is to examine whether the pandemic and the Government measures had different effects on job loss of women and men, gender-specific patterns of risk of exposure to infection while performing their jobs, as well as working conditions of women and men during the state of emergency. However, the aim of this research is not only to describe the situation as it was at the peak of the pandemic in April but to use this picture as a factual basis for proposing measures that can eliminate gender inequalities in the short and medium term.