SeConS – Development Initiative Group with the support of UN Women Office in Serbia has conducted evaluation of the National Action Plan for period 2016–2018 (NAP) that is a part of National Strategy for Gender Equality for period 2016–2020. Coordination Body for Gender Equality of the Republic of Serbia has commissioned the evaluation of the NAP which was conducted in line with UN Women standards, with evaluation management group and evaluation reference group supporting the evaluation team.

Evaluation was conducted with the aim to provide systematic insights in the implementation process and achieved results and to provide recommendations for second phase of the implementation of the Strategy. The evaluation was conducted through 4 phases: inception phase, data collection and analysis, validation and reporting. The process of evaluation included representatives of gender equality mechanisms, line ministries, public institutions, international organizations, women’s, feminist and other CSOs engaged in gender equality issues, and experts were included in the process providing valuable information on which is based the assessment presented in this report.