RESEARCH TO POLICY AND PRACTICE PROCESS (R3P) is an approach designed by the UNICEF Office of Research — Innocenti that aims to build an evidence base upon which to ground interventions designed to prevent and respond to violence against children, with a focus on the underlying determinants and factors of violence. Serbia is one of the countries that initiated this process under the coordination of SeConS Development Initiative Group, and with the expert support of Zurich University of Teacher Education. It was financially supported by the UNICEF Swiss National Committee.

The aim of this process is to better understand what drives different forms of violence against children in different settings and to provide good evidence as a basis for improving the system of preventing and protecting children from violence. During the initial stage of the R3P process, the national study on determinants and factors of violence against children in Serbia was produced. As in other countries, the results are powerful and they confront policymakers with questions such as: “What is driving this?” and “How can we address it?”, thus providing a better starting point for the planning of national policies for preventing and protecting children from violence.