This study is the result of the project “Gender Equality in Transport in Serbia” (GETS) implemented by the Dornier Consulting International GmbH and SeConS Development Initiative Group, on behalf of the Coordination Body of Gender Equality (CBGE) and the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure (MCTI) of the Republic of Serbia, with support of the World Bank.

The main purpose of this study is to provide insights into the gender aspects of employment in the transport sector in the Republic of Serbia. The analysis included four transport service providers: Srbija Voz, Taxi Chamber of Commerce, Public Utility Company – Belgrade City Transport (GSP) and Lasta. While selecting these companies, several criteria were taken into account – type of transport services (railway, taxi, busses), ownership of the transport providers (state-owned or private) and the geographic area in which services are provided (one city or the whole of Serbia).