Access to Social Service

Access to Social Service

“Gender that Matters: Poverty and Social Inclusion – Social Protection Status in Rural Kosovo and Serbia” is one of the regional projects supported by RRPP (2014-2016).

A survey was conducted as part of this project, to explore the current situation regarding access to social services (public and health services, social welfare institutions and centers for social work, organizations providing social services and support to individuals and families) in rural areas, with particular focus on access for persons with disabilities (PWD) and the Roma population. Special attention was given to the position of women, and the availability and quality of social services provided by the government and the non-governmental sector in Serbia.

This survey achieved the following specific objectives:

1. Mapping of obstacles for access to social services rural groups, particularly highlighting difficulties faced by women;

2. Investigation of options for active participation of residents of rural areas in creating development plans for providing social services locally;

3. Assessment of the satisfaction of specific rural groups with existing services, focusing on gender;

4. Assessment of the needs of civil society organizations and state institutions providing social services.

Survey results illustrated models for improving the social welfare system and will be used for scientific purposes, and for preparing recommendations for institution representatives. They are presented in the Study: “Poverty, Rurality, Gender: Research on the Functioning of Social Care System in Rural Serbia”, which is available at .