The fourth and final meeting of the European Anty-Poverty Network Task Force on migration was held in Brussels on September 11th. At the meeting, a document that expresses the position of the Network towards the current issue of migration in Europe was finalized and accordingly an Action Plan has been prepared. Both documents will be presented at the upcoming General Assembly meeting of the Network, which will be held in Dublin in October this year. The meeting was attended by Stefan Stefanovic, a SeConS researcher on behalf of the Anty-Poverty Network – Serbia.

The EAPN Task Force was established in order to define the position of the Network towards migration, as well as ways in which it will affect EU institutions and national governments to implement migration management policies that fully respect the human rights of migrants.

The European Anty-Poverty Network was established in 1990 with the aim of creating a social Europe without poverty and social exclusion, in which everyone will have access to economic, social and cultural rights. On the initiative of SeConS the Anti-Poverty Network – Serbia was established in 2010.