In previous months, the SeConS Development Initiative Group conducted the initial and final studies on attitudes and knowledge about gender-based violence and gender-based discrimination in four villages in the territory of Vojvodina – Lazarevo, Boka, Iđoš, and Banatsko Veliko Selo. Through the initial and final research it was possible to measure attitudes and knowledge of the residents of all four villages before and after conducting project activities that were entrusted to the Women’s Support Center and aimed at raising awareness about the problem of gender-based violence. The final research showed that, following the project activities in the field, there was a slight decrease in the acceptance of patriarchal attitudes among both women and men, while women showed a significantly greater ability to recognize different forms of violence.

In cooperation with the Women’s Support Center, workshops were held in all four villages where the results of the research were presented and where it was discussed about further steps that would be taken to raise awareness about the problem of gender-based violence in the respective communities.

The initial and final studies were conducted as part of the project “Break the Silence – Respond: Changing social norms and knowledge about gender-based violence against women in rural areas in APV”, which is realized within the program: “Improving Safety of Women in Serbia”, implemented by the UN Women Programme Office in Serbia with the financial support of the Norwegian Embassy in Belgrade.