In focus is the position of women older than 45 in the labor market in Serbia. These women are one of the most vulnerable groups in the labor market in Serbia for years. In the domain of labor and money, women's position in Serbia is the most unfavorable compared to other European countries (Gender Equality Index).

The publication „Labor Markes in Serbia – Women’s position 45+ / Denying Rights to Disent Work“ (in print), which SeConS prepeared in cooperation with the Association “Women at the turning point”, provides an insight into the situation of women older than 45 years in the labor market in Serbia from several aspects.

According to Labor Force Survey data (see chart: Basic labor market indicators by sex and age, for working age population (15-64), Serbia, 2016) women at the age of 45 are the least active and employed, compared to younger women men. Compared with men at the same age, it can be seen that gender gap in activity (20%) and employment(18%) is large. The gap is not present in unemployment, but this is because women are forced to "deactivate" - since they can’t find a job, they stop searching for it. Therefore, this group has the highest rate of inactivity.

In addition to activitity and employment, the publication provides an insight into the status and characteristics of these women’s employment, the problem of overcoming unemployment, as well as the position of 45+ rural women.

The publication will be presented on November 22th in Media Center in Belgrade, and afterwards will be available on this page.