Women in the Business Sector

This project expands on the Baseline Study on Women Entrepreneurship in Serbia (Babović, 2012), and was implemented to provide fundamental knowledge and information on the status of women in the business sector in Serbia. Compared to the previous study, this knowledge has been expanded twofold: Firstly, in addition to entrepreneurs, this survey included women managers as well. Secondly, a panel survey was also conducted on a subsample of women entrepreneurs interviewed in 2011, which provided a much clearer and more precise investigation of the impact various factors on sustainability and success of business.

The scope and characteristics of business activities conducted by women were identified, as well as their social profile. One of the key topics included potentials and obstacles to sustainability and success of business endeavors of women. In addition, the position and characteristics of women in the business sector in Serbia were also examined, both in relation to men in Serbia and also regarding women in other countries.

Proposed recommendations mostly coincide with recommendations made in the Baseline Study, but also include new proposals adapted for women managers. Proposed recommendations should promote intersectoral collaboration between relevant ministries and representatives from the financial and business sectors in creating institutional and business frameworks and mechanisms for strengthening the economic position of women in Serbia today.