Social Protection Assessment

External evaluation of the Project entitled Social Protection Assessment for Values and Effectiveness - SAVE

December 2015 - January 2016

The project “Social Protection Assessment for Values and Effectiveness - SAVE” is designed with the overall objective to contribute to the social reforms in Serbia, through review of the deinstitutionalization process in Serbia. The specific objective of the project was defined to examine and identify potentials for improved cost effectiveness of the deinstitutionalization process. This was the first project in Serbia in the framework of PROGRESS programme that deals with the cost effectiveness and cost efficiency of the part of the social welfare system, specifically deinstitutionalization of welfare services.

Concidering these objectives, the main purpose of the evaluation which SeConS designed, was to measure the Relevance, Impact, Effectiveness and Efficiency, Sustainability and Cooperation with other stakeholders in relations to the project document, activities implemented and results achieved.