Assessment of the current state and needs for social services in Serbia

Assessment of the situation in social protection in Serbia
Supported by: The Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit GIZ

February - April 2019

The project "Social Services for Vulnerable Groups" is designed to strengthen capacity in the field of providing social protection services in local governments throughout Serbia. In order to evaluate current capacities and make recommendations for the development of social protection programs in local governments, SeConS conducted a field analysis in five districts in Serbia (Srem, Juzni Banat, Macva, Kolubara and Zlatibor). The data obtained served as a guide for further implementation of the project and strengthening of the capacities of local self-governments in providing social protection services.

Based on precisely defined criteria, the SeConS team conducted interviews with stakeholders and social service providers at the local level in 29 municipalities across Serbia. The data were collected in order to assess the current situation and map the needs in the field of social protection. Based on the data collected, 15 pilot municipalities were selected to implement the Social Services for Vulnerable Groups project. The SeConS team made recommendations for further intervention to improve social protection in selected municipalities.