Evaluation of Developmental Assistance to the Republic of Serbia

Evaluation of Effectiveness and Efficiency of Developmental Assistance to the Republic of Serbia

March - June 2013

The subject of this evaluation was the developmental assistance to the Republic of Serbia in the period 2007-2001, with the aim of contributing to the effectiveness of international development assistance programming. The evaluation included the implementation of 4.2 billion euro through 1432 projects (grants or concessional loans) funded by over 30 development partners – EU, bilateral and multilateral partners and international financial institutions.

This was the first time that the impact of all official developmental assistance from all donors was evaluated over an extended period, with a sector based approach, which included: public administration reform; rule of law; civil society, media and culture; competitiveness; human resources development; agriculture and rural development; transport; and environment and energy. Findings show that although every sector has its own priorities and challenges, the amount and utilization of the developmental assistance can be multiplied by inter-sectoral collaboration and linking, establishing more preconditions on releasing IPA funds, and simplifying administration procedures.

The final report is available at: link