Gender inequality in the Republic of Srpska

Research on socio-economic gender inequality in the Republic of Srpska

October 2015 - October 2016

Topics: Gender equality, Local development.
Programmes: Research.

Needs and access to resources in the society are gender-based and vary in different life stages. It is necessary to examine what socio-economic gender inequalities are and create public policy in keeping with them.

The initiative was created through partner cooperation between SeConS-a and the Centre for Gender Equity and Equality of Republika Srpksa. The first step is a desk research of all existing documents in Republic of Srpska (census, health, education and social services statistics...), followed by a quantitative survey research. The obtained results will be supplemented by findings from 30 interviews and focus group sessions conducted with representatives of social welfare institutions, education, decision-makers, NGOs.

In the final project stage, the study of socio-economic gender inequalities was presented, followed by public debate. In addition to critical assessment of the results, the study contains a comparison with findings from relevant studies conducted in the region and the European Union. This contributes to the development of gender-based recommendations and assists in gender responsive budgeting as per the needs of the whole population.