Promotion of the DevInfo database

Promotion of the DevInfo database to local and national decision makers and facilitation of its use

June 2016 - April 2017

DevInfo is a database designed for monitoring development, planning and reporting. DevInfo contains numerous indicators on population, economy, education, social welfare, health care, agriculture, social participation, traffic and infrastructure, information and communication, construction and the environment. The database was developed by the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia.

In order to present this unique database to local and national decision makers, as well as professionals and the general public, SeConS is implementing numerous promotional activities and using various means to present it and provide information on the importance and ways of using the database. Dissemination of data exported from the DevInfo base in illustrative forms provides continuous visibility of the database across social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), creating a visual depiction of the diversity of indicators and information bringing it together. The database is available at the following link:

The DevInfo database also provides an opportunity to all interested visitors to see the Child Wellbeing Index, developed by SeConS-ovi experts in this area. It is a complex indicator of the socio-economic position of children at the local level, measured on the basis of four key factors: birth and health, education, economic development and social risks and protection. Its importance is evident in the fact that it clearly calls attention to areas which may be improved at the municipal level to improve the wellbeing of children. Currently, individual profiles of the Child Wellbeing Index are being developed for 158 municipalities in Serbia.