Employment Opportunities for IDPs

Mapping of Employment Opportunities for Internally Displaced Persons
Supported by: UNDP Serbia

July - August 2009

This research was aimed at examining current conditions and employment opportunities of internally displaced persons (IDPs) in three towns in Central Serbia: Kragujevac, Kraljevo and Vranje.


The research was based on a complex methodology that combined quantitative and qualitative methods of research within three project components: 

1. Research on labor force supply of IDPs,

2. Research on labor force demand in the local labor markets,

3. Research on local support networks for employment of IDPs.

Research results indicate that chances for employment are not favorable for IDPs, that their qualification structure is not appropriate for the labor market, with discriminatory practices by employers and insufficiently developed and non-functional social support networks exacerbating the situation. 

Based on the results, concrete recommendations were provided for improving conditions for employment of IDPs and their overall socio-economic position, as well as their better involvement in the local community. Recommendations were defined for three key areas: improvement of IDPs’ employability, encouragement of employers to provide more favorable conditions for employment of IDPs in their domains, and strengthening the functionality and the efficiency of local support systems.

Results and recommendations were presented in the Study: Mapping of Employment Opportunities for Internally Displaced Persons: Analysis of the Situation in Kragujevac, Kraljevo and Vranje.