Migration Flows in the Western Balkans 2009-2013

Migration Flows in Western Balkans Countries: Transit, Origin and Destination, 2009-2013

January - June 2014

Topics: Migration.
Programmes: Research.

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) conducted a survey to provide support to Western Balkans countries in formulating adequate migration policies and raising migration management capacities tackling the increasing influx of migrants in the Western Balkan countries and departure of Western Balkans nationals with the purpose of seeking asylum in EU countries. The survey is based on mapping of the main migration flows through the territory of the Western Balkans in the period 2009-2013.

The methodology included desk review of existing reports and studies, collecting data using a standardized questionnaire covering normative, institutional, strategic and statistical aspects of regulating migration flows, and small-scale qualitative surveys through interviews with representatives of various relevant authorities, NGOs and migrants.

On the basis of findings, recommendations were formulated for: extending cooperation both in the region and with EU countries, aligning legislative frameworks, availability and comparability of data for monitoring the situation and trends at the regional level, developing cross-border cooperation for more efficient prevention of illegal entries, integrating migration management into local development and social inclusion policies, improving mechanisms for identifying victims of human trafficking and improving support to victims of human trafficking in certain aspects, particularly when they are minors.

Survey results and recommendation were presented in the Report.