The Almanack “Young people in Serbia and security risks” has been published, based on the data gathered as part of the project “Establishing information system for peer violence prevention – Phase 3”. Funded by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Serbia, the project is implemented by the Association of Citizens “Centre for Support to Women”.

Apart from the introductory text on young people in Serbia, the Almanack includes four other articles presenting the results of thematic research on security risks the youth in Serbia are exposed to. SeConS Development Initiative Group has conducted these researches from July to September 2021. Special attention has been paid to some of the security risks that have been insufficiently researched: (1) internet risks, (2) traffic risks, (3) health risks, and (4) labor exploitation risks.

Even though the research results cannot readily apply to the entire youth population, they may provide valuable insight into the security risks the young people covered by the research are exposed to, as well as the guidelines for some future research.

The Almanac is available at