“National gender profile of agriculture and rural livelihoods – Serbia” is the title of the analysis dealing with gender equality assessment in Serbia. This Country Gender Assessment is aligned with FAO’s strategic commitment to closing the gender gap in agriculture, thereby generating significant gains for the agricultural sector and helping to reduce hunger, malnutrition and poverty. The key objective is to produce a comprehensive analysis of gender equality in the agricultural sector and rural development processes, identifying gender inequalities and their underlying causes and consequences, and offering recommendations for gender-responsive policies to enable the transformation of gender relations and structures in the agricultural sector and rural development processes.

This analysis of gender equality in Serbia’s agricultural and rural development sector was carried out under the  “Support to the Implementation of Inclusive Agricultural  Policies in Serbia” project, which was implemented in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management (MAFWM) and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). The research was conducted by the SeConS Development  Initiative Group based on FAO guidance that serves as the basis for similar reports in seven different countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

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