The 16th “People experiencing Poverty” conference, organized by the European Anti-Poverty Network, was held in Brussels on November 9 -10 and brought together delegations from more than thirty European countries. The topic of this year’s conference was the poverty of employees, which has been increasingly talked about over recent years. The representatives of the Delegation of the Network Against Poverty – Serbia (EAPN Serbia) were Ljiljana Đajić (Group 484), Milica Kravić (journalist at Radio Television of Vojvodina), Jovana Obradović, on behalf of SeConS and Nikoleta Rakočević (EAPN Serbia representative).

Two day conference envisaged numerous activities and panel discussions where participants had occasion to change their experience related to poverty of employees from different social groups, as well as to give recommendations for improving politics in this area.

Among the speakers were Marianne Thyssen, the European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labour Mobility, Leo Williams, EAPN Director, Sérgio Aires EAPN President,kao i Esther Lynch, Confederal Secretary at The European Trade Union Confederation etc.