Editors of MONS (Monitoring social situation in Serbia), Professor Marija Babović, Professor Danilo Vuković, Professor Gorana Krstić, Professor Jelena Žarković Rakić and Professor Mihail Arandarenko will participate at the Symposium on “Inequality in Serbia” on December 10, which is organized by the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts in cooperation with the Faculty of Economics in the Hall of the SASA Audiovisual Archives and Digitalization Center.

Professor Gorana Krstic from the Faculty of Economics will present the topic Factors that contribute to inequalities in income and earnings in Serbia, Professor Marija Babovic from the Faculty of Philosophy will talk about Gender Inequality in Serbia, and Professor Danilo Vukovic from the Faculty of Law will present the theme Inequality in Education: Educational Institutions, State and the market in transitional Serbia. Professor at the Faculty of Economics, Mihail Arandarenko, will present the topic Tax and Social Transfer System as a generator of inequality in Serbia: the situation and possibilities for reform, while Jelena Zarkovic-Rakic professor at the Faculty of Economics will talk about the Political Economy of Tax and Social Policy reforms in the post-Yugoslav period: what can we learn from the experience of Slovenia?

They are also members of FREN (Foundation for the Advancement of Economics) and SeConS (Development Initiative Group), that are founders of the expert platform MONS. This online platform was launched with the aim of presenting the results of socio-economic research and increasing their significance and influence on the processes of adopting public policies. MONS platform highlights the important topics which are not included in the “public agenda”, and approaches issues which are already in the public focus in different way, establishing a dialogue between representatives of the academic community, the civil sector, policy creators and decision makers on significant social and economic issues.