SeConS Development Initiative Group and the Department of Art and Design of the Belgrade Business and Arts Academy of Applied Studies have entered into an agreement on cooperation that will enable students in Basic and Master Applied Studies to present and publish in SeConS publications their signature watermark photographs created as part of their course work in Photography.

Given that SeConS is one of the most renowned organizations in the fields of socio-economic development, poverty reduction and social inclusion of vulnerable groups, gender equality, human security, local development, employment, and migration, students will have the opportunity to focus on creating socially engaged photographs across various domains throughout the academic year.

Students will have the chance to not only promote their work and foster their artistic skills but also to engage in the seemingly straightforward yet highly challenging endeavor of visually representing social and economic matters while respecting the dignity of all individuals, particularly those in vulnerable groups.

Research, the analysis of policies and processes, challenges, and particular social and economic environments that SeConS deals with necessitate profound introspection and sensibility regarding this matter, which students from the Department of Art and Design will undoubtedly exhibit during the forthcoming collaboration by transforming words into photos and capturing the public’s interest not only in critical social issues but also in their work.