SeConS Development Initiative Group and Roma Education Fund took part in a second day of multi congress Serbian Visions, which was held on November 25-26 in Radisson Blu Old Mill hotel. On that occasion, Katarina Veličković, junior researcher at SeConS presented the research findings on the competences and motivations of the REF’s scholarship holders. Researche was conducted by SeConS during the May 2017.

The findings showed that the majority of graduate high school students who were REF’s scholarship holders consider that school prepared them well for work, but still, 43 % among them has a plan for additional schooling. Based on the obtained data, an online database of all students who were REF’s scholarship holders was created and presented.

After that, a discussion was held on the obstacles that students and Roma students encounter during their education, and REF’s scholarship holders shared their experiences in the process of schooling and enrolling faculties.