The main findings of the study entitled “Women’s Entrepreneurship – Ten Years Later” were presented as part of the Conference on Women’s Entrepreneurship – Overview of the Current Situation and Opportunities for Empowerment, organized within the German-Serbian Initiative for Sustainable Growth and Employment and UN Women, with the support of the EU project “Key steps towards gender equality”.

The study is the result of research conducted in 2022 by the SeConS Development Initiative Group, in order to assess the current position of companies in Serbia, observe changes and achievements, and evaluate the impact of policies, strategies, initiatives, and individual programs implemented by the Government of the Republic of Serbia, on female entrepreneurship.

The study “Women’s Entrepreneurship in Serbia – Ten Years Later” is accompanied by four thematic reports (“Support programs for women entrepreneurs in Serbia”, “Profile of female entrepreneurs in Serbia”, “Climate change and female entrepreneurship” and “Covid-19 and female entrepreneurship”).