The Human security barometer (HSB) is part of a comprehensive and continuous effort of the Citizens’ Network for Human Security (CN4HS) to monitor human security treats and challenges in the Balkans and Turkey. In order to see what people in the countries of the Region perceive as main threats to the human security, data from the Eurobarometer public opinion survey were used, as well as some national research, for the following countries: Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, and Greece.

The situation in the Balkans and Turkey was compared with EU-28 and individual Member States in order to provide an understanding of the specific situation in our Region. The data show that unemployment, current financial situation in the household, and rising costs of living, are perceived as the biggest concerns among citizens across the region.

In the Western Balkan countries, economic security is perceived as the biggest threat to human security, in Turkey that is terrorism, in Bulgaria economic situation and pensions, whereas in Greece citizens are most concerned about taxation.