The aim of this report is to provide support to Western Balkans governments in formulating adequate migration policies and raising migration management capacities tackling the increasing influx of migrants in the Western Balkan countries and departure of Western Balkans nationals with the purpose of seeking asylum in EU countries. The report also deals with regular migrations to and from the Western Balkans region to realistically estimate migration potential and migration trends in the region.

The report presents findings of mapping of regular and irregular migration flows through the territory of the Western Balkans in the period 2009-2013, in relation to the following types of migration: migration to and from the Western Balkans countries for work, education and family reunification related reasons; illegal entry, illegal stay of foreign citizens and stateless persons; international protection (asylum seeking); return of Western Balkans nationals pursuant to Readmission Agreements; human trafficking and smuggling of migrants in the Western Balkans region.

The research should provide help the Western Balkans governments to assess current migration trends and formulate appropriate policies and operational responses in a coherent manner. Ideally, the report should contribute to the implementation of coordinated approach of the countries in the Western Balkans region to manage regular and irregular transit migrations and more successfully decrease irregular migration flows towards the EU.