Support to Capacity Development of Social Enterprises in Serbia

Support to Capacity Development of Social Enterprises in Serbia

The main objective of this project was to prepare a baseline document for the second session of the Working Group formed for the project ‘Support to Capacity Development of Social Enterprises in Serbia’ implemented by the European Movement in Serbia, with the support of Olof Palme Centre.

The document is founded on findings of the study of funding opportunities for social enterprises (Ž. Stojanović and S. Popović), opportunities for advancing human capacities (R. Grozdanić) and the existing legal framework prescribing methods for establishing and functioning of social enterprises (Group 484). Also, previous studies of social entrepreneurship in Serbia (Parun Kolin, Petrušić, 2008; Babović et al, 2008; Cvejić, Babović, Vuković, 2008), as well as numerous studies and documents on social economy and social entrepreneurship in Europe and the USA were taken into account.

This document focuses on ways of removing obstacles to improved utilization of existing, and developing new opportunities in the social entrepreneurship sector. Better use of resources and improved activism can be achieved by focusing on establishing a beneficial legal and institutional framework in this area and strengthening the role of all relevant actors. This would also promote better links between private, public and civil sectors, develop communication between citizens and institutions, and finally, increase trust and social cohesion in the society.

This was presented to the Working Group in the form of a baseline document. Conclusions reached at the meeting of the Working Group were expanded on and developed into a practical policy document.