Sexual and Gender Based Violence – Activities in Serbia

Sexual and Gender Based Violence – Activities in Serbia

A research on attitudes male and female citizens of Smederevo have towards gender equality was conducted for a project which aims to prevent and combat gender based violence in the territory of the Republic of Serbia. This analysis was prepared by Praxis, within the project directed at reduction of risk of sexual and gender based violence in Serbia, funded by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). In addition to members of domicile population, research included internally displaced persons from Kosovo, as their status in their present community carries higher risks from discrimination and social exclusion.

Research determined gender specific positions and roles played by male and female citizens of Smederevo in everyday life, and value models which influence their behavior. The level of their familiarity with the term gender equality as well as relevant institutions and policies, was also explored.

Results of this research helped decision-makers learn how people in Smederevo perceive the issue of gender equality and its role in development. These insights made it possible to formulate recommendations which, along with monitoring existing gender equality legislation, also promote a positive and non-stereotypical image of women and men in the media, improve the protection of women survivors of domestic violence, promote the role of men and boys in achieving gender equality and affirm the use of gender sensitive language in legal and political acts of relevant institutions.

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