Professional and Work Exchange for Enhanced Policy Dialogue

Professional and Work Exchange for Enhanced Policy Dialogue

The Professional and Work Exchange was conducted as part of the program “Enhanced Political Dialogue between Serbia and Kosovo” funded by the German Marshall Fund. The aim of the program was to exchange experiences between organizations and universities engaged in the same field. The program also focused on the transfer of policy knowledge and best practices of these two countries, creating the opportunity for sustainable organizational collaboration.

Pre-exchange workshop was held. Its aim was to informally gather professionals, who participate in this program, to meet each other, organizations to get familiar with the work of other organizations, and to develop detailed plans for further activities.

The project was implemented though three week exchanges, which included participation in a study of the same subject, but in different environments and with different research teams in Belgrade and Pristina. This method facilitated joint work in conducting field and desk research of workplace violence in Kosovo and Serbia, and methodology and research instrument were developed for this field as well.

Exchange of participants who already dealt with the topic of workplace violence in both countries, was an opportunity for additional research within the regional project “Cross-border network for peace, inter-communal reconciliation and human security”, which SeCons conducts together with partners from the region. Holistic and harmonized approach to research and developing a methodology was provided, thus ensuring comparability of data. The unique methodology, although there are some partial adjustments to specifics of each research field, is of great importance for both Serbia and Kosovo, but also for the entire region for further research of human securities.