National Consultations for the UN Development Agenda Post-2015 Phase 1

National Consultations for the UN Development Agenda Post-2015 Phase 1

As part of “The World We Want 2015” global initiative SeConS had conducted a series of consultations under the title: “Serbia We Want”. The aim of this consultation process was to collect opinions and suggestions on new development directions at the global level and discuss ways to overcome challenges post-2015.

The dialogue involved a large number of Serbian citizens including members of vulnerable and marginalized groups, individuals from the private, public and civil sectors, decision-makers, the media and various other organizations and institutions. Through this process, all actors commonly defined nine top-priority issues that they considered relevant for the post-2015 period.

Based on the analyses of proposals received during the consultations, a report was thus conducted (available at in which recommendations for SDGs and solutions to new global challenges were presented. The Report –consisting of documents from other countries– was used as a recommendation for the creation of the UN Development Agenda post2015.

During the first phase of the post-2015 consultations, the “Serbia We Want’ (held in 2013) called for the further development of culture and the fostering of the spirit of responsibility, tolerance and social cohesion within their country. As a consequence, Serbia has been selected as one of the six countries to conduct the second phase of the post-2015 consultations which focuses specifically on the culture and development.

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