Monitoring of the Social Situation in Serbia MONS

Monitoring of the Social Situation in Serbia MONS

Monitoring social situation in Serbia (MONS) is an online platform, launched jointly by the Foundation for the Advancement of Economics FREN and SeConS Development Initiative Group, in order to better present results of socioeconomic research and increase its significance an impact on processes of adopting public policies.

The platform was launched to establish a dialogue between representatives of the academic community, the civil sector, policy creators and decision makers on important social and economic issues in Serbia. MONS highlights important topics which are not included in the “public agenda”, and approaches issues which are already in the public focus in a novel and different way.

MONS will present one socioeconomic topic on a quarterly basis, to be analyzed comprehensively by experts on the issue, using relevant and reliable sources of information. The platform where knowledge is shared with visitors is interactive, enabling all interested actors to get involved on the blog and provide better insight into issues.

The platform is also intended for media representatives who strive to inform the public and interpret social reality on the basis of scientifically proven facts.

Project MONS was started and supported up until the 9th issue by PERFORM, a project of Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) implemented by HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation and University of Fribourg. PERFORM focuses on strengthening the social science research community, facilitating better systemic linkages between social science research and policy makers, and on creating favourable framework conditions for social science research.

The views expressed within project MONS do not necessarily represent opinions of the institutions who provide their support to the Project.