Local Labor Market in Kragujevac: Conditions and Potentials

Local Labor Market in Kragujevac: Conditions and Potentials

The main objective of the survey was to show:

1. The ways in which economic and social changes were reflected in the labour market,

2. Main trends and issues of the current local labour market, and

3. What can be done to improve its conditions and thus support local development.

The survey focused on potentials and characteristics of labour demand and supply in the local economy, and on characteristics of the local education system, as well. A complex methodology that combined the analysis of relevant data available from secondary sources with original quantitative and qualitative research was used.

Findings indicate that the volume of activities aimed at encouraging employment is not sufficient to significantly alter the current situation.

The obtained results primarily have practical importance that is providing records and data analysis necessary for achieving more adequate and efficient policies and concrete measures aimed at fostering the development and improving the living conditions of the local population.