As part of the realization of the project “Evaluation as a basis for making informed public policies in Serbia”, funded by Eval Partners, the Informal Network of Evaluators of Serbia (INES) and SeConS Development Initiative Group organized a round table on 17 June entitled “Making informed public policies in Serbia – current situation and perspectives“.

The practice of monitoring and evaluating public policies in Serbia is still not sufficiently developed or recognized as a necessary condition for the overall social development. Public administration reform has brought some systemic improvements, which could result in the expansion of monitoring and evaluation practices in the future. Nevertheless, both supply and demand capacities for monitoring and evaluation, especially in public administration, represent a challenge faced by the project team whose project proposal is part of Flagship program 1 – Strengthen National Evaluation Systems supported by the International Organization for Cooperation in Evaluation – IOCE and Eval Partners of an innovative partnership whose members are CSOs and voluntary organizations for professional evaluation (VOPE). The findings of the research indicate a relatively low awareness of policy makers in Serbia about the importance of evaluation and the lack of funds allocated for these purposes, which makes it difficult to learn from previous experiences when making public policy and obscures responsibility for the results achieved.

The aim of the round table was to make recommendations and conclusions that would define the directions of action to improve public policies.