Young people in Serbia and security risks is the topic of the new issue of MONS (Monitoring of Social Situation in Serbia), which will also feature articles resulting from the research conducted as part of the project “Establishing information system for peer violence prevention – Phase 3”. Funded by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Serbia, the project is implemented by the Association of Citizens “Center for Support to Women”.

This issue of MONS will deal with topics such as: the way of life of young people in Serbia, whether it is easy for them to find a job in their chosen profession, why they want to leave Serbia and where they would like to go, how they feel about the EU, what they think about gender equality and whether they report violence, and how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected their mental health and social life; financial risks threatening them in the cyber environment, given that traditional payment models are out of focus for young people, while those based on fast digital technologies are considered the only acceptable option; risks when they communicate over the Internet, safety risks for young people in traffic and why they are particularly exposed to risks on the road, health risks threatening them, and how many young people are at risk of labor exploitation.

You may find the articles at the MONS platform