The panel discussion on “Fathers and Parental Leave – Value for Employees and the Company”, organized on 27 November within the initiative “Caring for Children Together” was attended by 15 representatives of socially responsible companies in Serbia, which support the use of parental leave by father.

During the discussion, legal possibilities in Serbia were presented, and policies were proposed for companies that want to get involved in this way in promoting gender equality. Participants confirmed that companies that encourage the use of parental leave for fathers are more desirable as an employer, but also as a delusion for customers, especially when it comes to millennials or the latest generation of employees – Generation Z or popular “zoomers”.

Attendees had the opportunity to hear the results of a pilot survey on the attitudes of parents in Serbia, both sexes, on how responsibilities are shared outside of working hours, and how willing parents are to share responsibilities around children.

One of the conclusions of the panel participants was that “there are no male and female obligations, but obligations that need to be done.”