On Saturday, November 25, 2017 SeConS and association „Women at the turning point“ took part in Serbian Visions 2017 multi congress in Radisson Blu Old Mill hotel. On that occasion, a panel discussion titled “The position of women over 45 years old in the labor market in Serbia” was maintained, with aim to discuss data revealed few days earlier in the Media center.

The speakers in the panel discussion were: Mima Perisic, Managing Board President of “Women at the turning point”, Svetlana Cerovic, Managing Board Member of “Women at the turning point”, Stefan Stefanovic, the researcher at SeConS, Dr Jelena Kreckovic, the participant of the training for the unemployed in “Women at the turning point” association and Mirjana Lukic, the owner and director of “Mirna kuca”.

The speakers ‘expertise and great experience in this field, as well as discussion with the public helped in creating more integrated and completed picture on discrimination’ dimensions which affects this category of women. At the end of the discussion, it was concluded that good normative framework and data based policy are necessary, but insufficient: one has to work in parallel to sensitizing the whole society for problems that women over 45 years of age meet in the labor market.