Gender equality is important dimension of development. In our understanding gender dimensions of development is not limited only to better use of human resources (women’s resources) for development, and not only to the equal enjoyment of benefits of development through fair distribution. In our understanding gender equality brings transformative view of development as questions traditional views on economic values as objectives of development. Among other things, it emphasizes the importance of labour invested in non-market activities, care, volunteering, and promotes values of solidarity instead competition.

Gender equality will be monitored here through EIGE Gender Equality Index, which includes composite measures of the level of achievement and gender gaps in six domains: work, money, knowledge, time, health and power. Serbia was first country outside of EU who calculated index and produced report in 2016. However, since 2017, EIGE redefined methodology for Gender Equality Index and Serbia cannot compare with EU countries until it recalculates index according to new methodology. This is expected to be done in 2018. Until then, comparison between Serbia and EU is possible only based on the previous report.