What is Development Observatory?

Development Observatory is dedicated to the debating, analysing and monitoring social development of Serbia. Contrary to the reductionist and often dominant approaches to development that underpins contemporary developmental policies that perceive development as economic growth (in the best case “inclusive growth”), we here offer different view of development. We provide opportunity to expand the understanding of development as broader – social as well as economic, inclusive and sustainable. Development Observatory will be the resource center which will contain three main components:

  • Knowledge center which provides guidance through approaches to socio-economic development and references to relevant literature and web resources;
  • Observatory in which development is monitored along dimensions and using indicators based on comprehensive concept of socio-economic development, as social, inclusive and sustainable;
  • In Focus – pages dedicated to more detailed evidence on specific trends and problems with analysis and discussion on situation and policies.

In addition to these three components that are shaped by the specific understanding of inclusive and sustainable socio-economic development there is also section dedicated to monitoring progress in achievement of Sustainable Development Goals which are defined within UN 2030 Development Agenda and monitored through indicators defined by Inter-Agency and Expert Group on SDG Indicators (IAEG-SDGs).

Who is behind Development Observatory?

Development Observatory is initiated by SeConS team of experts who are working on socio-economic development issues at universities and civil society organizations in Serbia and abroad for more than ten years. SeConS brings together experts from various fields: sociology, economy, social statistics, political science, anthropology, psychology, communicology. In order to contribute to long-term socio-economic development of individuals and social groups, we established Development Observatory as online public available center for sharing knowledge. More about SeConS team read here.

Why is Development Observatory important?

We at the Development Observatory understand the “political nature” of politics, the fact that it is an arena of struggle and contestation of social interests, led by political organizations and leaders, rooted in their communities, social interests and international arena. On the other side, we also deeply appreciate the other dimension of politics and the process of public policy making, the fact that it is basically designed to achieve certain goals, with certain means and under certain time limits. Therefore, we believe in data collection and analysis as a tool for better policy design and implementation, that is a tool for creating and implementing feasible policies. The Development Observatory is designed having in mind this particular side of politics. It is designed to offer precise, reliable and verifiable data on the whole series of dimensions and provide a framework for their interpretation. It should serve both as a tool for creation and analysis as well as monitoring and evaluation of public policy creation and implementation.

Who can benefit from Development Observatory?

Development Observatory is useful for diverse stakeholders, who are interested in different aspects of socio-economic development. DO contains content for students, experts, policy—makers, professionals in public administration and public social services, activists and other civil society actors, media and all other people who are interested in new approaches, trends, actualities and relevant information about social development in Serbia, region and EU.