SeConS Development Initiative Group is an independent think-tank organization of experts, established with the aim of contributing to long-term socio-economic development and improvement of living conditions of individuals and social groups in Serbia and the region. It was founded in 2005, as an initiative of a group of sociologists who worked on issues of social development at universities and in other civil society organizations in the country and abroad. Today, SeConS brings together interdisciplinary experts to conduct empirical research, analyze policies and processes, challenges and specific social and economic environments to build a reliable base for further development of methodologies, recommendations and measures to advance the development and implementation of national, regional and local policies. SeConS educates, empowers and trains other organizations and institution representatives, and its quality of work and expertise has been recognized outside country borders as well.

Mission and Vision

SeConS vision is inclusive and sustainable development in Serbia and Southeast Europe. SeConS mission is to help advance adequate and effective socio-economic development programs by conducting analyses of social trends and public policies. SeConS supports and activates various stakeholders from the public, private and civil sector to make a more effective contribution to development on the national, regional and local level.

Values and Principles

SeConS promotes tolerance, multiculturalism, non-discrimination, respect for differences, gender equality and human and minority rights.

SeConS, as an organization, and all its team members, advocate principles of professionalism, work ethics, impartiality, transparency, independence, solidarity and social justice.

The SeConS team is guided by these principles in both their work and interpersonal relationships.

SeConS goals

Balanced and sustainable socioeconomic development Developed regional cooperation in the field of social inclusion

Modernization of social inclusion in keeping with developed European practices

Social inclusion of marginalized and vulnerable social groups

Social equality and eradication of discrimination

Developed knowledge and skills of individuals and groups in institutions and organizations in the field of socio-economic development and social inclusion

SeConS activities

Development of methodologies and implementation of applied research: empirical, analyses of policies, legislation and measures with recommendations

Monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment of development programs and public policies

Strategic planning at all levels, monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment of programs, policies and projects

Training and mentoring, empowerment and advocacy for the interest of marginalized

Advocacy for social change through knowledge and networking


Accomplished so far:

101 projects in the field of socio-economic development, poverty reduction and social inclusion of vulnerable groups, gender equality, human security, local development, employment and migration.

120+ researches

56 publications issues

More than 25 evaluations of donor-funded programs

Participation in development of 8 national strategies

Cooperation in development of 8 national strategies

Internship for 10 young researches