Network for peace, inter-communal reconciliation and human security

Cross-Border Citizens' Network for Peace, Inter-Communal Reconciliation and Human Security
Supported by: The European Commission
Partners: hCa ORC, IRIS, CRDP, ZID, hCa Turkey

December 2012 - November 2014

Cross-Border Citizens' Network for Peace, Inter-Communal Reconciliation and Human Security is a joint initiative of CSOs, active in the field of human rights, comprised of the following countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia and Kosovo. Each member organization considers the security issue from its own perspective by focusing on a specific aspect, level (i.e. local, national and regional) and form of activities (i.e. advocacy, grassroots mobilization). The common denominator, however, is that each member of the network strives for a transition from the security-oriented political culture and structure –within their respective environments– towards a more human-centered approach.

The initiative's goal is to establish a regional network of organizations that focus on issues of human security –not just within countries' borders, but also at the transnational level. The main reason for this approach lies in the transnational nature of threats to security, such as: illicit economies, organized crime, poverty, social exclusion and extremism. Also, the network aims to achieve structured collaboration between the civil societies, the research community and the advocacy community in order to improve policy making.

In addition to its focus on strengthening social capacity, the initiative also deals with formulating recommendations for political reforms as well as local, regional and EU-based levels of advocacy networking. The activity has resulted in annual monitoring reports in every state and country-specific thematic reports (available at One of the international scientific conferences, titled “Human Security 20 Years Later,” was held in Belgrade in November 2014 in cooperation with the Faculty of Security Studies. Further training, specifically online-based programs, on human security is currently underway.