Development Observatory is dedicated to the debating, analysing and monitoring social development of Serbia. Contrary to the reductionist and often dominant approaches to development that underpins contemporary developmental policies that perceive development as economic growth (in the best case “inclusive growth”), we here offer different view of development. We provide opportunity to expand the understanding of development as broader – social as well as economic, inclusive and sustainable. Development Observatory will be the resource center which will contain three main components:

  • Knowledge center which provides guidance through approaches to socio-economic development and references to relevant literature and web resources;
  • Observatory in which development is monitored along dimensions and using indicators based on comprehensive concept of socio-economic development, as social, inclusive and sustainable;
  • In Focus – pages dedicated to more detailed evidence on specific trends and problems with analysis and discussion on situation and policies.

Diverse stakeholders can find content of their interest here: students, experts, policy—makers, professionals in public administration and public social services, activists and other civil society actors, and all other interested people.